find me over there please, if any of you would like to. i will however, never delete this blog as i’ve had it for over three years and a lot of time and effort had been put into it. i still¬†believe the archive to be a beautiful curation and i might wish to come back to it one day. for now, goodbye x

Siki Im FW13
are you able to do a scan of that rick section in the magazine? looks rly hot asked by Anonymous

Hi sorry, I don’t actually own that issue of SOME/THINGS MAGAZINE. It was posted on their website, you can look through snippets of each issue¬†here.

Dust Forming Into Matter Dissolving Into Dust by Rick Owens for SOME/THINGS MAGAZINE, Chapter002 / The Black Book
Rick Owens ‘Plinth’ FW13
Sophie Bueno–Boutellier
Taro Nasu Osaka (2006), Aoki Jun